Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week 15: French Poem Tea Towel Embroidery

I would really, really like to catch up on my blogging this week.  At last count I have 15 posts that I still need to work on, all for projects that have already been completed, so I'm hoping that this week's project leaves me enough time to catch up, even just a little bit, on the blogging.

I've gone back and forth about posting on this week's project, as it was supposed to be a surprise housewarming gift for my best friend (and she moved into her apartment years ago).  She's one of the five people that read this blog, so it won't be a surprise after this post, but I've still got a Christmas gift to give her, and it's been several months since I wrapped it, so when she finally opens it, it'll be a surprise to the both of us (hopefully it wasn't perishable).

Year's ago, at one of my favorite fabric shops, the now defunct Bobbin's Nest Studio, there was a cute display for hand embroidery.  I really liked the nostalgic look that the embroidered projects had, and I wanted to try it out for myself.  I thought it would be best to start with something simple, so with their suggestion, I picked up a few yards of tea towel fabric and decided that I was going to make some French-themed tea towels for my best friend and local Francophile.

When I started looking for hand embroidered patterns earlier this year, I came across a website that had some really cute embroidery with simple pictures surrounded by lines from a French poem.  Perfect!  The French poem napkin embroidery project at Sewn Up by Teresa Down Under looks like a good project for a beginning embroiderer like myself, and hopefully my best friend will like them, too!

I'll use the basic stem stitch with DMC embroidery floss and will also be using an embroidery hoop.  The tea towels came with the sides hemmed, so I'll just need to hem the short ends of the fabric.  Oh, and I mustn't forget the most important thing - a thimble!

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