Sunday, April 28, 2013

French Poem Tea Towel Embroidery, Day 2

Bon jour!  The pattern for this embroidery project was originally set to napkins, but I thought it'd work well for tea towels, too.  Teresa Down Under used lines from a French poem entitled “Pomme et poire" and accompanied them with some cute sketches.  I'll be making four tea towels, so I'll just be using four of the five parts of the poem.

The first thing I needed to do was to transfer the pattern to the towels.  There are a couple of ways you can transfer embroidery patterns to your fabric.  Luckily, my brother had a light table, which beats the method that I would have used, tracing the pattern while holding it and the fabric up against a lit window.

I didn't have a special transfer pencil on hand, so I just used a 2B graphite pencil.

The first transfer didn't come out as well as I had liked.  I had forgotten to bring pins with me, and the fabric kept slipping over the paper.  Also, the drawing of the apple was light, and I had to keep lifting the fabric to see what I was drawing, which shifted the fabric even more.

I ended up using some painter's tape to secure the other pieces to the fabric, and also traced over the other pictures with a Sharpie so I'd see them better through the fabric.  C'est magnifique, oui?

Overall, the transfers came out okay, except I transferred the feather part upside-down.  In a way, you can't tell, since the text goes in a circle, but then the feather looks like it's falling from the sky.  Zut alors!

Next, we begin stitching!

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