Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week 16: Fabric Pennant Banner

"It was a dark and stormy night..."

Well, maybe not stormy, but certainly windy.  Here we are, four days into May, and we're having strong winds in the Bay Area that are more typical of an impending winter storm.  Trees are being thrashed about, debris is flying all around, and there is the possibility that the near-30 mph winds may cause power outages.

Just a few hours earlier it was hot, sunny and breezy.  We were escaping the 90-degree heat and enjoying hot dogs and strawberries in the air-conditioned home of one of our friends, but now I'm having to pull out my heavy comforters and sweats.

I, for one, will ignore this blustery weather and look forward to the coming summer, full of sun, family, and celebration.  And what would a celebration be without decorations, decorations like this week's project, the Fabric Pennant Banner from Leigh Anne of

Fabric Pennant Banner from Your Home Based Mom
Image and design © Your Home Based Mom

I've seen a ton of pennant banner tutorials but this has got to be the easiest one out there.  No special tools or techniques with this one, just the fabric and some bias tape.  I'll even bet that I can make one of these in less than an hour, which will be a welcome change from those Day 7+ projects I've been running into lately.  This project is also a major stash buster.

I'll be using fabric from Sandy GervaisNautical & Nice collection, a perfect summery design.  Leigh Anne cut her pennants from half-yards of fabric, but I just found a layer cake of the Nautical & Nice while looking in a different area of my bookcase, so I'll be using that.  I'm telling you, I've got fabric in places that I didn't even know existed.

Leigh Anne's tutorial makes 50 pennants, and uses 12 yards of bias tape.  I've got just one 4-yard package of bias tape that I'll be using, so I'll just make 18 pennants.

I'm sure that once I make this first banner I'll want to make more, maybe even one for every holiday.  Fun FuN FUN!!!

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